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You’ve soared through grueling interviews, nailed awkward negotiations, and finally accepted the offer. Yet, when the alarm goes off on the first day of your new job, you can’t quite get a handle on your emotions. 


Landing a big job early in your career brings with it a mix of feelings: excitement and pride, but also anxiety and self-doubt. You want to make sure to start this new chapter off right. 


This guide will help. Start by learning strategies to make your first weeks on the job a success. Then, get tips to build a strong network that will help you today and in the future. Finally, complete the course with some practical tips to move from “newbie” to “rising star” as you work to grow your skills and career.


This module features video, text, basic interactivity, and knowledge checks.


If you would like a copy of this course authored in a different format, please email

The Complete Guide for New Professionals Module

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