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Does dealing with an upset customer make your heart race and your stomach churn? If so, you’re not alone. It’s easy to lose our composure or feel flustered when we encounter someone who is unsatisfied, unhappy, or just plain difficult.


But as challenging as emotional customers are, they’re simply a fact of life in customer service. After all, customers don’t typically reach out when things are going well. They need help when there’s a problem or an unmet expectation—and that, understandably, can feel upsetting.


In this course, you’ll learn why customers get upset and how to defuse those situations with an effective apology and action plan for making things right. Then, you’ll learn to spot when customers go too far, so you can protect yourself from abuse.


This module features text, basic interactivity, scenarios, video, and knowledge checks.


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Working With Upset Customers Module

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